Nurse's Corner

March 2023


As we approach Spring, many are looking towards warmer days ahead.  Warmer, muddier days!  If you happen to be Spring cleaning some of your children’s old clothes out, I will happily accept any sweatpants, leggings, and/or socks. Thank you in advance! 


As a reminder, please keep your children home when they are sick, as outlined in the illness guidelines from the student handbook:

“There are times when a student should remain at home for his/her own welfare and the protection of other students. Your child should remain at home if he/she has: Uncontrollable and/or productive cough; Fever over 100.4 degrees within past 24 hours; Vomiting or diarrhea within past 24 hours; Sore throat and swollen glands; Undiagnosed rash or skin eruptions; Earache; or severe headache or drainage from eyes. Students should remain home for 24 hours after an acute illness or after starting antibiotics for a diagnosed infection.”

As April vacation approaches, I wanted to share that Arlington EATS will be offering free pre-packed bags of groceries to any family with kids in Arlington schools who could use extra food support over April break. Vacation lunch bags packed with nutritious, easy to prepare, kid-friendly foods are available to pick up on Friday, April 14 at their new building at 117 Broadway. Sign up here by April 7 or call 339-707-6757 ext. 6 to find out more.

Visit Arlington EATS at to learn more about getting help with food, how to volunteer, and other ways to address food insecurity in Arlington.

In good health,

Nurse Jen

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